NOSFERATU Discography

(Jan 1989) Bloodlust, Pathway of Flowers, Merlin

Symphony of Shadows
(Jan 1990) False Gods, Evil, Emma-Louise

The Hellhound E.P.
(Sept 91) 12" Siren (edit), Lament, Dark Angel, Crysania Cassette Siren,
Her Heaven, Dark Angel, Abominations

The Deathmaster Remixes
(Sept 91) Ltd Edition Cassette, Siren, Dark Angel,
Abominations and Interview At The Hellfire Caves

Vampyres Cry
(March 92) 12" Vampyres Cry, Vampyres Cry (Rosary Mix), Abominations,
Crystal Ring Cassette Vampyres Cry, Vampyres Cry (Belfry Mix), Pictures of Betryal, Crysania

(Sept 92) 12" Diva, Diva (Scarlet Mix), The Wiccaman, Her Heaven (Angelic Mix)
Cassette Diva, Diva (Scarlet Mix), The Wiccaman, Arabian Heat

The Gathering

(Oct 92) Ltd Edition cassette recorded at The Powerhaus, London,
August 1992, Dark Angel, Lament, Wiccaman & Abominations

Inside the Devil

(April 93) 12" Inside the Devil, Inside the Devil (Remix), Away CD Inside the Devil,
Away, Inside the Devil (Remix), Crystal Ring

(May93) (Album) CD, Vinyl & Cassette

Savage Kiss
(Nov 93) 12" Savage Kiss (Main Mix), Savage Kiss (Brutal Mix), Time of Legends
CD Savage Kiss (Main Mix), Time Of Legends,The Keepers Call


(Jan 94) (Album) CD & Cassette

The Prophecy

(Oct 94) (Album) CD, Double Vinyl & Cassette

The Haunting
(Sept 95) CD The Haunting, Nothing's Free (Alice Cooper Cover),
The Haunting (Swamp Mix)

Prince of Darkness
(Aug 96) CD Album

Lord of the Flies
(Apr 98) CD Album

(July 99) CD Album

Reflections Through A Darker Glass
(March 2000) CD Album

The Best Of Nosferatu: Volume 1: The Hades Years
(Dec 2001) CD Album

Somebody Put Something In My Drink
(June 2005) CD Single

Visionary Vampyres DVD Ltd Edition Boxed Set
(June 2005) DVD & 3 CD Albums

Vampyres, Witches, Devils & Ghouls:
The Very Best Of Nosferatu

(Feb 2006) CD Album

Anthology (2 Disc Album)

(May 2006) CD Album

Black Hole
(April 2010) CD Single

(March 2011) CD Album

London Calling / Within The Realm of A Dying Sun
(September 2018) CD and Vinyl Single