January 2024
NOSFERATU would like to thank all their supporters for a momentous year in 2023 and look forward to releasing their new studio album in 2024. Nosferatu wish their supporters a prosperous and happy 2024.

December 2023
NOSFERATU play a private members club in Mayfair, London for Nosferatu Secret Society.

November 2023
NOSFERATU have been in several European Recording studios lately mixing their new studio album and will be demoing some of their new material at a Private Members Club in London this December. If you are a member of this club you will receive an invitation through them shortly. Please note that due to the clubs strict confidentiality policy, NOSFERATU are unable to divulge the name of the club or its exact location. It is worth noting that membership costs several thousand pounds per year as well as being assessed by this club before they will let new members join, therefore it is unadvisable to turn up hoping to gain entry on the night of the performance without being a fully paid up club member. It's like an elite Secret Society.

June 2023
NOSFERATU are back in the studio demoing more new songs and warming up for concerts which will be announced shortly.

April 2023
NOSFERATU are shocked and deeply saddened by the passing of their friend and colleague Belle Star. Thoughts are with friends and family at this difficult time.

January 2023
NOSFERATU would like to wish you all an extremely happy, healthy and successful 2023 and thank you for your continued support. You are amazing !
Seven concerts have been secured so far for this year, supporting a much larger band. Details will be announced in April.
In addition to this and at long last, copies of the much delayed vinyl e.p. "Four Weddings & A Vampyre" are finally being pressed up. That's all for now folks. Thank you for your continued support.

November 2022
NOSFERATU will be performing at a Private Members Club in Mayfair, London on Saturday 26th November 2022. This performance is by invitation only. Newer songs from their forthcoming 6th studio album "Grail Hunting" will be previewed

August 2022
There are excellent photos and reviews of NOSFERATU's performance at Sinners Day Summer Special Festival 2022, Oostende, BELGIUM from:

"Black Cat":

"Reflections of Darkness Magazine":

and "Peek A Boo" Music Magazine:

July 2022
NOSFERATU would like to thank the following people who made their appearnce at Sinners Day Summer Special Festival so memorable: John Lydon and Lu Edmonds of Public Image Limited (PiL) for taking the time to chat in The Hotel Bero, Oostende
and for signing Mr DeVille's PiL record sleeves, John Jaques Burnell of The Stranglers, Erik, Nele and Hildegarde for sorting everything out when the band had to change flights and travel to Frankfurt Airport instead of Charleroi due to industrial action,
Daniela Vorndran for some terrific photography as always and of course everyone who turned up to see NOSFERATU perform.
Coffin stage props and videos (yes one for each song) designed and made by Tim Vic (NOSFERATU) with maximum vision.
Thanks a million!


June 2022
NOSFERATU are very much looking forward to appearing on the main stage at Sinners Day Summer Special Festival, Oostende, BELGIUM on Sunday 26th June 2022 and supporting The Stranglers.


NOSFERATU would like to thank everyone who attended their headline slot at Wave Gothic Treffen Festival (WGT) 2022 in Leipzig, GERMANY and making it a great success. Extra special thanks to Children on Stun, Fun House, Lars, Axel, Gordon and of course booking agent Olaf.


May 2022
NOSFERATU will be making their 7th performance at Wave Gothic Treffen Festival (WGT), Leipzig, GERMANY on Friday 03rd June 2022, having previously performed at WGT in 1994, 1999, 2006, 2009, 2011 and 2015.
They will be headlining the Taubchental Venue at 10:30pm, immediately after their friends Children on Stun performance. It will be a great evening!!

NOSFERATU have Extremely Limited Edition "Grip Over Europe" Tour Tshirts available only at the venue. These were available at Dark Malta Festival in April 2022 and if any remain they will be available at Sinners Day Summer Special Festival, Oostende, BELGIUM on Monday 26th June and at Castle Party Festival, POLAND on Saturday 09th July 2022.


April 2022
NOSFERATU would like to thank everyone who attended their show at Dark Malta 2022. Extra special thanks to Rene Farrugia, Therion and the excellent sound engineers.



March 2022

NOSFERATU very much look forward to performing songs from their "Lord of The Flies", "Rise", "Legend", "Prince of Darkness" and "The Prophecy" albums plus a few new songs at Castle Party Festival on Saturday 09th July 2022.
castle party nosferatu band

December 2021
Nosferatu's appearance at Sinners Day Summer Special has been moved to Sunday 26th June 2022

October 2021
Nosferatu are delighted to be performing at Sinners Day Summer Special, Oostende, BELGIUM


Nosferatu are delighted to be performing at Castle Party Festival, Bolkow Castle, POLAND on Friday 09th July 2022


September 2021

Nosferatu's only London concert of 2021 has been postponed to 2022. New date to be confirmed.

2022 UK Tour Dates will be announced soon to support the release of Nosferatu's 6th studio album "Grail Hunting", along with
2 further dates in Germany.

Nosferatu singer Tim Vic has started a new Nosferatu Instagram Page which can be found here:

July 2021
Nosferatu's appearance at Castle Party Festival, POLAND has been moved back to next year due to Covid-19 self isolation requirements. The new date is Saturday 09th July 2022.

June 2021
Nosferatu are confirmed to appear at Wave Gothic Treffen Festival, Leipzig, GERMANY on Friday 03rd June 2022.


May 2021
NOSFERATU can confirm that their headline slot at Wave Gothic Treffen has been moved to Friday 03rd June 2022 which lines up nicely with the 100th Anniversary of the film "NOSFERATU".

As their next release "NOSFERATU E.P." was scheduled to be released on the same day as this year's WGT, it's release date has been pushed back to 22nd April 2022, just in time for Dark Malta Festival.

This should provide NOSFERATU with additional pre-sales which could push the band into the charts for the first time since 2020. Worth noting that Amazon UK's allocation of the Limited edition 7" vinyl E.P. has sold out.

NOSFERATUs E.P can be pre-ordered by clicking on the e flyer below:


NOSFERATU have 3 dates in the USA secured so far for 2022, together with a tour sponsor. Any promoters or clubs interested in booking further concerts for NOSFERATU in the USA should email or the band on Testimonials will need to provided together with an email address that can be verfied on a venue or booking agency website.

April 2021
Nice article in Sonic Seducer maga
zine Germany


February 2021
New 5 Track EP titled "NOSFERATU" The Extremely Limited CD (only 500 copies available) contains the 5 songs "Four Weddings and a Vampyre", "Raise The Undead", "And Now The Silence", "Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun" and "Don't Fear The Dark".

The Extremely Limited Edition 7" coloured vinyl e.p. (only 300 copies available) contains the 3 songs
"Four Weddings and a Vampyre", "Raise The Undead" & "And Now The Silence".

A preview of the cover sleeve is contained within the poster below. Pre-orders will commence in February 2021 with the release date set to co-incide with NOSFERATU's next concert, WAVE GOTHIC TREFFEN FESTIVAL on
Friday 29th October 2021, just in time for halloween.

January 2021
NOSFERATU are delighted to announce that they will be appearing at Dark Malta Festial on Friday 22nd April 2022.


November 2020
NOSFERATU would like to say "Thank you so much" for getting the "Lord of The Flies (Special Edition)" album
to NUMBER 1 in the Amazon Charts.


October 2020
NOSFERATU have a full page feature in the latest issue of "Vive Le Rock Magazine". NOSFERATU founder Damien DeVille explains how the band was created, what festivals and concerts they have lined up for 2021 & 2022, how they got to work with legendary drummer Rat Scabies plus details on their latest release. In addition to this the re-release of their "Lord of The Flies (Special Edition)" album receives a wonderful 8 out of 10 in the review section too. All hail to the 15,000 copies of "Vive Le Rock"!


Ladies and gentlemen, vampyres, wytches, devils, ghouls, werewolves, demons, ghosts, zombies, munchkins and children of the night. Welcome to the land beyond the forest. A twilight world where nothing is real, day is night, night is night and a swirling grey mist envelopes everything except NOSFERATU.

As a prequel to our forthcoming 6th studio album “Grail Hunting ”, we are delighted to announce the release of our “Lord Of The Flies ” album as a Special Limited Edition 6 panel compact disc with completely fresh artwork created by Agony Absinthe

As well as the original 8 songs, this special edition album includes 5 bonus tracks. The legendary Rat Scabies drums on the majority of these songs and gives them dynamics and life that only he can bring. This album has been mastered by Andy LeVien who recorded and produced a number of songs for The Damned in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Bass guitar is provided by the late Simon “Doc ” Milton, vocals by Mr LaVey and guitar by NOSFERATU founder Damien DeVille.

So, pour yourself a glass of the red stuff, turn out the lights and immerse yourself in the world of NOSFERATU.

We very much look forward to seeing you at the many festivals we will be performing at in 2021, 2022 and 2023.

Tim Vic, Damien DeVille,Tom Bone & Belle Star – NOSFERATU

Order the album here:









August 2020
Fresh artwork for NOSFERATU's "Lord of The Flies (Special Edition Album" is created by Agony Absinthe
This limited edition compact disc album will be available in a 6 panel digipack:

July 2020
Andy LeVien of RMS Studios, South Norwood, London masters Nosferatu's "Lord of The Flies (Special Edition Album)" which includes 5 bonus tracks.

NOSFERATU bass guitarist Tom has created a brand new NOSFERATU YouTube Channel which presently contains 4 videos from NOSFERATU's January 2020 concert at LKA Arena, Stuttgart Germany.
Enjoy the show here:
More videos from the Stuttgart concert will follow together with videos from other shows.

NOSFERATU are delighted to announce that they will be performing at Dark Malta Festival on Friday 16th April 2021. Buy Tickets



May 2020
As many of you now know, Castle Party Festival in Bolkow, POLAND has been postponed to 08th to 11th July 2021. Original tickets are valid. NOSFERATU have confirmed that they will be performing at Castle Party 2021 on Saturday 10th July 2021.


NOSFERATU have moved their concert at the 100 Club, London back to 25th September 2021 due to the ongoing Covid 19 emergency. Anyone who has purchased a ticket for the original date of Saturday 27th June can either use the ticket for the concert next year or claim a refund through
The 100 Club have emailed the 260+ persons who have already purchased tickets with information about this.


As many of you now know, Wave Gothic Treffen Festival in Leipzig, Germany has been postponed to 2021. It is a great pity, but NOSFERATU will be performing there in 2021 and promoting their 6th studio album "Grail Hunting" which has been recorded in 2 studios in Germany. The release date will be publicised very soon.


A very big "Thank You" to our booking agent for sorting this one out:


January 2020
NOSFERATU would like to thank the 1,157 strong audience who turned out to see them support End of Green at LKA Longhorn Arena, Stuttgart, GERMANY on Saturday 18th January 2020. WE LOVE YOU!!!

Further photos from this concert can be viewed at and at






NOSFERATU would like to wish everyone a healthy, peaceful and extremely succesful New Year. They look forward to seeing you on 18th January for their first concert of 2020 at LKA Longhorn, Stuttgart, GERMANY supporting End of Green.

December 2019
NOSFERATU are absolutely delighted to announce that they will be appearing at Wave Gothic Treffen Festival, Leipzig, GERMANY on Friday 29th May 2020. This will be the seventh time that they have played WGT, having performed their previously in 2015, 2011, 2009, 2006, 1999 and 1994. Details on the Buy Tickets page.


November 2019
NOSFERATU would like to thank everyone that came to their concerts in Mannheim and Esslingen, Germany. Extra spexial thanks to
End of Green for giving NOSFERATU the opportunity of playing Mannheim with them. Thanks also to Wisborg for playing the Esslingen show.

The Esslingen concert was recorded and is now being editted ready for a special release.

A few photos from Mannheim are below and more will follow soon.

nosferatu_singer_tim_vic_nosferatu_gothic_rock_band nosferatu_guitarist_damien_deville_nosferatu_gothic_rock_band


October 2019
NOSFERATU have confirmed that they will return to The 100 Club in London. Belle Star will be drumming the main set & DJing and Punk Rock Icon Rat Scabies will sit on the drum stool for a number of Punk Rock Covers. End of Green will be the main support act and the third band will be confirmed. Details on the Buy Tickets page.


NOSFERATU have confirmed a concert at LKA Longhorn, Stuttgart, GERMANY. Details on the Buy Tickets page.

NOSFERATU have confirmed a concert at ad Astra in Esslingen Germany with Wisborg. Details on the Buy Tickets page.


September 2019
NOSFERATU will be playing at Castle Party Festival, Bolkow, POLAND in July 2020. Visit for further information and to buy tickets.


July 2019
We are delighted to announce that NOSFERATU will be performing at MS Connexion Coplex, Mannheim, Germany on Friday 22nd November 2019 with our friends End of Green.Tickets for this concert are available now from
AD Ticket


June 2019
The ink is drying on the contracts for the last couple of gigs for our German tour, which is due to be announced imminently.
We are now commencing printing of our new t shirts for the tour with the circular logo (below) on the front and tour dates on the reverse. London Calling T Shirts are also being printed again with the German tour dates on the reverse.



April 2019

NOSFERATU would like to thank everyone who attended our recent concerts in Leeds and London. It was the largest crowd we have ever played to in Leeds in our 31 year history and the 100 Club in London was nearly sold out. Thanks a million!! Stay tuned for our imminent announcement of more concerts and the long awaited release of "London Calling."

March 2019
NOSFERATU are very much looking forward to meeting you at the Leeds and London concerts next week. More concerts will be announced shortly.

January 2019
NOSFERATU will be performing at Leeds Library Lending Room on Saturday 16th March 2019 with Children on Stun and Momento Mori.
Further concerts will be announced soon.

December 2018

Tickets are available now from for our London Show at The 100 Club with our friends "Children on Stun".
Please note that this show is advance tickets only and none will be available on the door on the night. #nosferatuband


November 2018
Thank you all for the tremendous response at the recent gigs. We will return to the great city of Berlin early in 2019 for further recording sessions and we will play a handful of European shows in March 2019.

October 2018
Berlin here we come!


June 2018
Our friend Thom steps into the position of NOSFERATU bass guitarist. Some of you will have met Thom. before when he played bass guitar at several NOSFERATU European shows in 2016, 2017 and 2018. It's good to have you onboard buddy. Onwards and upwards.


May 2018
Our friend and colleague Mr. Stefan Diablo has decided that after 20 years of recording and gigging with NOSFERATU he will now focus primarily on his work within The Neville Staples Band. We wish him and the band the very best of luck and continued success.


April 2018
The long-awaited NOSFERATU single "London Calling / Within The Realm of A Dying Sun" is set for release on
Friday 21st September 2018. This will be closely followed by the release of NOSFERATU's 6th studio album "Grail Hunting" on
Friday 12th October.

December 2017
Songs are mixed from the forthcoming NOSFERATU studio album "Grail Hunting"

November 2017
NOSFERATU are set to commence mix down of songs from their forthcoming album "Grail Hunting"

August 2017


May 2017

NOSFERATU have been in a studio somewhere in the western hemisphere recording songs for their 6th studio album "Grail Hunting".


Nosferatu singer Tim Vic, Nosferatu bass player Stefan Diablo, Nosferatu founder Damien DeVille and Nosferatu drummer
Belle Star recording the latest NOSFERATU album "Grail Hunting".

nosferatu_singer_tim_vic_nosferatu_gothic_rock_band steve_armstrong_the_neville_staples_band

Messrs Star and Diablo keeping a watchful eye on the recording.
nosferatu_gothic_rock_band_recording_grail_hunting_album nosferatu_gothic_rock_band_recording_grail_hunting_album

NOSFERATU have received delivery of the "London Calling/Within The Realm" CD singles,
T-shirts and postcards and are just waiting for delivery of the 7" vinyl singles.


March 2017
Big thanks to Berliner Unterwelten for the subterranean subterfuge. We must do it again.

January 2017

Further studio dates for February 2017 are confirmed for NOSFERATU's
new album "Grail Hunting". NOSFERATU's agent is in the final stages of finalsing a landmark concert.

November 2016
More songs are demoed for the forthcoming album "Grail Hunting". 2 concerts for 2017 are confirmed with 3 more to be confirmed.

September 2016
Simon Milton, we miss you.


August 2016

NOSFERATU will be playing more European shows in fall 2016 to support the release of their latest single:

"London Calling / Within The Realm of A Dying Sun" available soon on:
Limited Edition CD Single (DFRCDS010),
Limited Edition 7" coloured vinyl (DFRV010) and
Download (DFRDL010).

Click sleeve below for further details.


July 2016

NOSFERATU headlined the 1,000 capacity Orbit Stage on the MS Rheinenergie on the River Rhein, GERMANY
as part of the Amphi Fest on 23rd July 2016. Special thanks to all who attended and made this an extremely enjoyable event.
An extremely positive (10 out of 10) review of NOSFERATU's performance at Amphi Festival can be read in Reflections of Darkness Magazine





April 2016
NOSFERATU record more new songs in GERMANY.

Copies of the covert limited edition, gatefold sleeved, coloured vinyl albums are distributed to members of the NOSFERATU Secret Society.

February 2016
NOSFERATU commence recording their sixth studio album at John Sykes "Berlin Studios". The working title for this release is "Grail Hunting".


January 2016

NOSFERATU confirm the first of their 2016 festival appearances. Amphi Fest in Cologne, GERMANY.



October 2015
Further NOSFERATU songs are demoed. 3 previous NOSFERATU albums are sent for pressing on vinyl.
Each has a gatefold sleeve. One release is in blood coloured vinyl, one in snow coloured vinyl and one in clear blue vinyl. These vinyl albums will be available in April 2016 in very limited quantities by mail order only from NOSFERATU's Austrian distributor.

August 2015
More songs for the imminent NOSFERATU releases are demoed in GERMANY

July 2015
NOSFERATU have an article published in the current issue of German magazine "Sonic Seducer".


May 2015
NOSFERATU perform a headline slot to a 1,600 capacity crowd at Wave Gothic Treffen Festival, Felsen Keller, Leipzig, GERMANY with new vocalists Tim Vic and Gonzo following Louis DeWray's departure from the band in 2014.

March 2015
NOSFERATU have a full page feature in the summer issue of German magazine "Gothic" which has been distributed to over 35,000 readers. Extra copies of this issue were printed due to the articles on Marilyn Manson and The Prodigy.


February 2015
NOSFERATU are gearing up for Wave Gothic Treffen Festival, Leipzig, GERMANY on Friday 22nd May 2015
with new vocalists Tim Vic and Gonzo following Louis DeWray's departure from Nosferatu in December 2014.

December 2014
Louis DeWray's position as NOSFERATU vocalist is terminated

October 2014
NOSFERATU perform at The Bram Stoker International Film Festival in Whitby, England.

September 2014
NOSFERATU perform at Sacrosanct Festival for the first time since 1995.

March 2014
NOSFERATU are getting ready for their first appearance in Munich for 20 years at next month's Dark Munich Festival.
Catch the band at 2.25pm for their 40 minute set. Full details can be found at Dark Munich Fest.

Feb 2014
NOSFERATU have had their slot at Radfest cancelled by the promoter due to unexpected competition from another festival. Anyone who has purchased a ticket from Radfest with the intention of seeing NOSFERATU's show should contact the point of ticket purchase for a full refund.

December 2013
NOSFERATU have confirmed appearances at Sacrosanct Festival, Reading in September 2014 and at The Bram Stoker Film Festival, Whitby in October 2014. Refer to Gigs page for details.

October 2013
NOSFERATU have confirmed appearances at Dark Munich Festival, GERMANY in April 2014. Refer to Gigs page for details.

August 2013
The band will be entering the studio W/C Monday 19th August to work on more songs for their new studio album.

Dec 2012
NOSFERATU are now booking and scheduling festival appearances for 2013. If you are a promoter and wish to book the band, please click on the"Book NOSFERATU" button in the navigation panel on the left and let us have some information about the event. Remember, 2013 will be NOSFERATU's 25th Anniversary at the frontline of Gothic Rock.
More songs are demoed for consideration on NOSFERATU's new studio album.

Sept 2012
NOSFERATU perform at NCN Festival, Deutzen, Leipzig, GERMANY to a capacity crowd.
The band would like to thank everyone who attended this event and made it a memorable milestone in NOSFERATU's history. This was the 6th festival that NOSFERATU have performed at in Leipzig, GERMANY.

June 2012
NOSFERATU perform at The Spiders Web Festival in Bristol, ENGLAND.
Footage of some of the show can be viewed by clicking on this link:

May 2012
NOSFERATU perform at The Dark Gathering Festival in Madrid, SPAIN with Jacquy Bitch and Soror Dolorosa.
Footage of some of the show can be viewed by clicking on this link:

March 2012
NOSFERATU are lining up more concerts for the 3rd League of their "Wonderland" Tour and hope to be in a position to announce more festival appearances very soon. In addition the band are meeting up in April to demo some more songs for their next album.

February 2012
NOSFERATU confirm their appearance at The Dark Gathering Festival in Madrid, SPAIN on Saturday 05th May alongside their friends Jacquy Bitch from FRANCE

January 2012
NOSFERATU are happy to announce that they will be playing The Spiders Web Festival in Bristol on
Sunday 17th June

November 2011
NOSFERATU play their first London show in over 6 years at Nambucca. They would like to say a BIG Thank You to everyone who came to see the band. Extra special thanks to the promoters and sound engineer for doing a great job.

October 2011
We look forward to our next show at Nambucca, Holloway Road, London on Saturday 12th November 2011.

NOSFERATU confirm their 1st London show for over 6 years. It is at Nambucca, London on Saturday 12th November. So anyone in town to see Sisters Of Mercy at The Roundhouse on 13th November or The Cure at The Albert Hall on Tuesday 15th November, come on down to see NOSFERATU. Details are here:

Damien DeVille & Louis DeWray meet up for 2 days and commence demoing ideas for the next NOSFERATU album.

September 2011
NOSFERATU confirm they will be playing at Nocturnal Culture Night Festival in Leipzig, GERMANY on Fri 07th September 2012.

July 2011
NOSFERATU play DV8 Festival in York, ENGLAND & Castle Party Festival in Bolkow, POLAND. A big thank you to anyone who came to see the band. Extra Special thanks too go to Rob Leydon for helping out on guitar.

Louis Dewray is interviewed by the English Gothic Magazine "Dominion". Read the interview here:

June 2011
A big "Thank you" to everyone who saw NOSFERATU perform their set at Agra Halle Main Stage, Wave Gothic Treffen, Leipzig, GERMANY on Sunday 12th June. We had a wonderful time at the festival and hope to be invited back for a 6th time!
Check out a couple of the live videos on the
Gallery page

This month Louis DeWray has an interview published in Issue Number 71 of "Gothic Magazine" in Germany. Buy this magazine and read about the NOSFERATU "WONDERLAND" album.

Also this month NOSFERATU's classic 1997 track "Darkness Brings" is issued on the "Another Gift From Goth" compilation album on Strobelight Records. Big thanks to Paul Cuska & Thomas Thyssen for supporting us with this.

May 2011
This month Damien DeVille has interviews published in both "Sonic Seducer" Magazine in Germany & "Ascension" Magazine in Italy.

NOSFERATU have a one page article published in "Zillo" Magazine in Germany.

March 2011
NOSFERATU's "WONDERLAND" album reaches Number 1 position on Amazon UK's Dark Wave Album Chart. A Big "Thank you" to everyone who has purchased this album.

February 2011


January 2011
The tracklisting of the "WONDERLAND" album is now complete and we can confirm the following songs will be included:
Horror Holiday, Entwined, Black Hole, Wonderland, Jackal, Bombers, Silver, Somebody Put Something In My Drink, Monument and Spectre.

November 2010
It is with joyous pride and nail bitten anticipation, after countless seemingly endless days spent tracking, singing, recording and mixing songs, drinks, metaphors and rinsing our dark hearts dry it is with the greatest of pleasure that NOSFERATU can finally announce the release of our new album. 'WONDERLAND' is to be released on MARCH 7th 2011. Withstanding any last minute changes, here's a list of the songs to tempt your sullen bones.
Entwined, Silver, Monument, Spectre, Horror Holiday, Wonderland, Bombers, Bedlam, Black Hole, S.P.S.I.M.D,
Drake, Jackal.

June 2010
NOSFERATU's concerts at The DaDa Club in Athens have been rescheduled to September. Details on Gigs Page.

May 2010
A remix of the NOSFERATU Single "Black Hole" entitled "Black Hole (Cathedral Mix)" is released on the German Album "Darkness Before Dawn Volume 2"-
This is the 42nd commercially released compilation album that NOSFERATU has appeared on.

April 2010
New NOSFERATU single "Black Hole" released on Monday 12th April. It reached Number 6 in the Amazon UK CD Single chart on Saturday 17th April.

NOSFERATU played concerts at Southampton Joiners, Nottingham Rock City & Whitby - The Other Side Festival and with Stefan Diablo making a welcome return to bass guitar duties. The next single "Horror Holiday" is played at all shows along with new songs "Silver", "Black Hole", Baby Blue" & "Bombers"

The NOSFERATU single "Black Hole" appears on the cover CD of German magazine "Gothic"

January 2010

European Tour Dates and release date for the Single Black Hole are announced.

June 2009
NOSFERATU perform at the Park Buhne Stage at Wave Gothic Treffen Festival, Germany

March 2007

NOSFERATU have confirmed that they will be playing at The Mera Luna Festival in Hildesheim, Germany on August 11th. Full details can be found on

February 2007
NOSFERATU have recorded their next Single "Black Hole" at Louis De Wray's Earth Terminal Studios.
This Single will be released as a Limited Edition CD in a Metal Tin & as a download. The three songs which will appear on the Single as a taster for the New NOSFERATU Album will be "Black Hole", "Bombers" & "I Don't Wanna Live This Life". Clips of these songs will be posted on The Official NOSFERATU MYSPACE page as soon as the final mixes are ready.

More E-Tailers are selling NOSFERATU songs as downloads. For details, please visit The Merchandise page.

NOSFERATU will be appearing at some European Festivals in the summer to promote the New Single & Album. Details will be posted shortly

Last of all, we are pleased to say that we have now sold all stock of NOSFERATU vinyl, which is becoming increasingly collectable. Recently a copy of The 1992 NOSFERATU 12" single "Diva" in red Vinyl realised £ 125 on the Internet Auction Site EBay, whilst a copy of the 1993 CD Single "Inside The Devil" realised £ 67.

October 2006
OSFERATU have their song "Wicker Man" included on a new compilation album by Cleopatra Records of Los Angeles titled: "This Is Gothic...The Batcave Anthology"

September 2006
NOSFERATU have been announced as the headline band for The 1st State of Goth Festival in Bochum, Germany on Friday 24th November 2006.

They are also lining up a concert in Moscow to help promote their new "Anthology" album which has been licensed to Gravitator Records in Russia.
This is a 1st for NOSFERATU Their 1st Official Release by a Russian Label and it will be their 1st concert in Russia.

August 2006
Please take a look at the Gallery page for photographs from the bands concerts in Italy, Spain, Austria, Greece & Germany.

July 2006
NOSFERATU have now opened up an Account on The YOU TUBE Website.
Why not take a look at some of the videos at

June 2006
A Big Thankyou to the 4,000+ people who saw NOSFERATU play on The Main Stage (Agre Halle) at Wave Gothik Treffen, Leipzig, Germany on Sunday 04th June. This concert was the first to feature a full 6 person lineup and the first ever NOSFERATU concert which had no tape loops. Six has switched from bass to rhythm guitar, Nevin has taken over bass duties whilst Louis DeWray remains on Vocals, Damien DeVille on Lead Guitar, Eddie McEvil on drums & Chrys Columbine on keyboards.


May 2006
OK folks it's "All Systems Go" at NOSFERATU Towers.

First of all we would like to announce that some of NOSFERATU's albums & singles are now available to purchase online from the E Stores listed below.
Click on the icon to be taken to the relevant shop. Songs can of course be purchased individually with prices starting at between 99 cents & £0.79 per song.

Secondly, we would like to announce the release of The NOSFERATU"Anthology" Album in Germany, Austria & Switzerland on Friday 26th May 2006. July should see it's release in Russia. This will be NOSFERATU's 1st release in this country and hopefully it will pave the way for concerts over there.

For more details on this album and a full track-listing (yes it's a 2 CD album with a nice 12 page full colour booklet), please click on the sleeve below.

nosferatu_gothic_rock_band_anthology_album_european _edition

April & May 2006
A big "Thank you" to everyone who attended The NOSFERATU concerts in Spain, Austria & Greece.
The shows went exceedingly well and the band has been invited to play at the venues again later this year.

Photos from all of the concerts will be uploaded to the site soon, but for the time being please take a look at the ones posted on

March 2006

Dear friends of NOSFERATU, you may be delighted to hear that NOSFERATU have started a Competition to win one of Damien DeVille's guitars, autographed by all 5 members of the band.

All you have to do to win this guitar is design a New NOSFERATU Logo as a Line Drawing (No halftones please) that can be used on future NOSFERATU T-shirts& Albums & essentially our new Studio Album "The Long Lost Weekend".

So how can I win this guitar, autographed by all 5 NOSFERATU Band Members ?

It's simple really ! Just design a New NOSFERATU Logo not too dissimilar toThe Ramones Logo
(A Circular line drawing logo with all the band members names around the circumference).

Please submit your initial NOSFERATU Logo as a Line Drawing in J-Peg format to:
The Title of the Email must be set as New NOSFERATU Logo, in order to prevent our Anti-Spam filter from not downloading your email. Please note that the closing date for this competition is Monday 31st July 2006.
So there is plenty of time to allow your logo to be featured on The New NOSFERATU Studio Album.

Good Luck !!

February 2006
More concerts booked, please refer to Gigs page for details

New NOSFERATU Album released in USA on Tuesday 21st February 2006.


In order to pave the way for the New NOSFERATU Studio album "The Long Lost Weekend", NOSFERATU have decided to issue an album of early recordings entitled
"Vampyres, Witches, Devils & Ghouls.............The Very Best Of NOSFERATU"

Initially this album was to be titled "The Best Of NOSFERATU Volume 2: The Possession Years" but was re-titled at the request of The US Licensee.
Click on the image for full details and track listing.
Please note that this album is only being released in The USA, but is available from all of the usual online outlets such as Amazon,,, & Barnes and Noble. Links to these sites can be accessed via The Merchandise page.

NOSFERATU would like to introduce their New Keyboard Player Chrys Columbine


"Chrys" takes NOSFERATU up to a 5 piece band and is the 1st dedicated keyboard player the band have ever had. Please take a look at the profile on the "Line Up" Page.

NOSFERATU's feature on Eileen Daly's "Peek A Boo Show" on Redemption TV,
(Sky Channel 368 from 10pm to 2.30am) has been aired a wonderful 20 times !

For a selection of stills from the show featuring NOSFERATU, click on the picture below:


Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond the control of Wings Of Destiny, NOSFERATU's 6 date Tour of Mexico has been postponed untl later in the year. NOSFERATU were going to be playing this tour with the bands Elis & Epica. Once these gigs have been rescheduled and confirmed, the dates will be posted on the website.

December 2005
Both Louis & Damien have interviews published in Mick Mercers Online Fanzine "The Mick"........Anyone interested in viewing or downloading a copy should go to

More Concerts added for 2006 (see Gigs Page for info.)

November 2005
NOSFERATU Band/Group Page has been set up at


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