Released in January 1994 in USA & Canada.
Unreleased in UK & Germany.


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Legend was released in January 1994 as a collection of early recordings. It contained selective songs from the Nosferatu singles "Hellhound EP", "Vampyres Cry", "Diva" & "Inside The Devil".

Album Track Listing:

1. The Wiccaman
2. Abominations (Assylum Mix)
3. Dark Angel (Daemon Mix)
4. Arabian Heat
5. The Crystal Ring
6. Diva (Scarlet Mix)
7. Siren (Hellfire Mix)
8. Pictures of Betrayal
9. Vampyres Cry (Rosary Mix)
10. Inside The Devil (Remix)

Line Up for these recordings:

Damien DeVille: Lead Guitar & drum machine programming

Louis DeWray: Vocals

Vlad Janicek: Bass Guitar, keyboards & drum machine programming


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