Damien DeVille: NOSFERATU Guitarist Profile
Instrument: Lead Guitar
Length of time in NOSFERATU: 35 years (1986 to Date - Co-Founding member)
Equipment Used:
Fender Telecaster, Fender Squier Stratocaster, Washburn RS10V, Aria Pro 2 Gibson Les Paul, Aria Pro 2 Stratocaster, Admira Desiree,BC Rich Mockingbird, Marshall 100DSL 100 Watt Amp Head, Marshall 100V 8100 100 Watt Amp Head, Marshall Compact 4 x 12 Cabinet, Fender Mustang Three 100 watt combo, Rotosound Strings, Klotz Leads, Fender pletrums, Boss DM3 Analogue Delay, Boss DD3 Digital Delay, Boss DC3 Digital Dimension , Boss HF2 Hi Band Flanger, Boss HM2 Heavy Metal, Pearl SU19 Noise Suppressor & Pro Co Rat Distortion Pedal
6' 1"
Previous Bands:
Exocet UK, Rigamortis, Sister Midnight
Favourite Bands (Acts):
The Damned, The Who, Oasis, The Sex Pistols, The Ramones, The Sweet, Alice Cooper, W.A.S.P. The Cult, Gallows, Kasabian, Ron Goodwin.
Favourite Album:
Mondo Bizarro - The Ramones
Favourite Song:
Fox on The Run - The Sweet
Favourite Films:
The Wicker Man, The Boys From Brazil, Saving Private Ryan, The Battle of Britain, Downfall, The DaVinci Code,The Ninth Gate.
Favourite Drink:
Most Fanciable Lady:
First Gothic Concert Attended:
Lords Of The New Church at The Lyceum, London on Halloween 1983
Bavaria, Berlin, Fast Songs, Arsenal F.C. Manic Drumming, Never Say Die Attitudes!
Online/pdf software manuals, inserts in magazines, apathy, pretentious people, narcissism.
Best Concert Attended:
The Damned at Hammersmith Palais 1985
Worst Concert Attended:
70 Gwen Party at Camden Underworld 1992
5 Items for Room 101 Spineless people
Rupert Murdoch and Philip Green
Spray tans
Diesel engines in cars
Anything Else to add ??
The Hearse (Click on photo)
Damien DeVille Facebook: Not for me thanks #nosferatuband