Released in July 1999 in USA & Canada.
Unreleased in UK & Europe.

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"ReVamped" is a 9-track album by NOSFERATU featuring 7 remixes of songs from the "Lord Of The Flies" & "Prince Of Darkness" albums, plus 2 new studio songs, "Heaven" and "Blind Faith".

Rat Scabies returns to drum on some of the remixes, including songs he's never drummed on before.

The CD booklet is a bonus. Not only is ReVamped the first Nosferatu release to include lyrics, it also includes a full biography of the band, discography of all releases, and many live photos..

Album Track Listing:

1. Darkness Brings
(Aphelion Edit)
2. Uninvited Guest
(No Other Medicine)
3. The Gauntlet (Demon Seed Remix)
4. Graveyard Shift
(Hunchback Edit)
5. Heaven
(Version 1.2)
6. Into the Night
(Pre-Raphaelite Repro)
7. Ravage
(Bloodstone Version 1.1)
8. Witching Hour (Midnight Derangement)
9. Blind Faith

Line Up for these recordings:

Rat Scabies: Drums on songs 1, 3 & 7

Damien DeVille:
Lead Guitar, keyboards & drum machine programming

Dominic LaVey: Vocals & keyboards

Stefan Diablo: Bass Guitar on songs 1, 3, 5, 7 & 9

Doc Milton: Bass Guitar on song 8

Dante Savarelle: Bass Guitar on songs 2 & 4

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