Released in June 1993 in USA & Canada.
Released in May 1993 in UK & Germany.

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"Rise" Album Available For Download

Songs can of course be purchased individually with prices starting at between 99 cents & £0.79 per song.

Rise is Nosferatu's Best Selling release clocking in over 14,700 albums sold in the USA, Germany & UK. It was promoted by a lengthy UK Tour which took in venues from Exeter to Edinburgh. Released on Vinyl, CD & cassette, the 12 songs on this album proved how good Nosferatu were in the studio. This was the first time they had used Doc Milton as Engineer and Co-Producer and indeed the first time they had recorded at the prestigious residential Surrey studio "House In The Woods"

Album Track Listing:

1. The Gathering
2. Rise
3. Dark Angel
4. Her Heaven
5. Lucy Is Red
6. Lament
7. Alone
8. Vampyres Cry
9. Crysania
10. Siren
11. Away
12. Close

Line Up for these recordings:

Damien DeVille: Lead Guitar & drum machine programming

Louis DeWray: Vocals

Vlad Janicek: Bass Guitar, keyboards & drum machine programming

Elizabeth Everett: backing Vocals