Released in June 1993 in USA & Canada on CD and cassette.
Released in May 1993 in UK & Germany on vinyl and CD.

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Rise is Nosferatu's Best Selling release clocking in over 15,000 albums sold in the USA, Germany & UK. It was promoted by a lengthy UK Tour which took in venues from Exeter to Edinburgh. Released on Vinyl, CD & cassette, the 12 songs on this album proved how good Nosferatu were in the studio. This was the first time they had used Simon "Doc" Milton as Engineer and Co-Producer and indeed the first time they had recorded and mixed at the prestigious residential Surrey studio "House In The Woods" in January 1993 (with the exception of the 3 songs asterisked, which were recorded and mixed at The Catacombs Studio, Woodcock Dell Avenue, Kenton, Middlesex in August 1991).The album was mastered and compiled at CB Sound Studios, Kingston-Upon-Thames, Surrey by Ian Plested in February 1993. Mastering of the vinyl album was supervised by NOSFERATU drummer Belle Star.

Album Track Listing:

1. The Gathering
2. Rise
3. Dark Angel
4. Her Heaven*
5. Lucy Is Red
6. Lament*
7. Alone
8. Vampyres Cry
9. Crysania*
10. Siren
11. Away
12. Close

Line Up for these recordings:

Damien DeVille: Lead Guitar & drum machine programming

Louis DeWray: Vocals

Vlad Janicek: Bass Guitar, keyboards & drum machine programming

Elizabeth Everett: Backing Vocals

Simon "Doc" Milton: Studio engineer and co-producer - House in The Woods Studio, Bletchingley, Surrey, England

Ian Plested - Mastering and Compiling - CB Sound Studio, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, England.