Released in the UK in September 1992.

This was the 3rd single by NOSFERATU. Recorded and mixed at The Catacombs Studio in January 1992, it was released as a 4 track 12" single and as a 4 track cassette single.

The first 500 pressings of the 12" single were released as a limited edition in Red Vinyl and are now changing hands for £60 each as valued in UK magazine "Record Collector"

Track Listing:

Diva 12" single

Side A
Diva (Scarlet Mix)

Side B
The Wiccaman
Her Heaven (Angelic Mix)

Diva Cassette Single

Side 1
Diva (Scarlet Mix)

Side 2
The Wiccaman
Arabian Heat

Line Up for these recordings:

Damien DeVille: Lead Guitar

Louis DeWray: Vocals

Vlad Janicek: Bass Guitar