Tom Bone: Nosferatu Bass Player Profile
Instrument: Bass, Synthesizers
Length of time in NOSFERATU: 5 years (Since 2016)
Equipment Used:
Fender Bass-Guitars, Ampeg Bass-Amp, Korg Analog Synths
6 Foot 1 Inch
Previous Bands:
Intoxicate, The Hearse, Illusion Fades, Derd Niffer, Leech
Favourite Bands (Acts):
Killing Joke, Bauhaus, The Fall,
The Chameleons, The Stranglers,
My Bloody Valentine, Primal Scream
Favourite Song:

The Chameleons - In Shreds,
NOSFERATU - Witching Hour

Comedy Series: Black Books
Drama Series: Leftovers, Westworld, Lost in Space
Favourite Films:
Blade Runner, Metropolis,
Forbidden Planet, Bubba Ho-Tep,
The Mummy Returns,
Favourite Food: Crisps, Cookies
Favourite Drink:
Black Coffee
Favourite Animal: Dragons
Favourite Places: Space, Ancient Egypt, forests, deserts
First Gothic Concert Attended:
Fields of the Nephilim, Fad Gadget
Having drinks with nice people, travelling
Bad news, standstill, noise #nosferatuband