NOSFERATU "Diva" Single

Released in the UK in September 1992.

This was the 3rd single by NOSFERATU. Recorded and mixed at The Catacombs Studio in January 1992, it was released as a 4 track 12" single and as a 4 track cassette single.

The first 500 pressings of the 12" single were released as a limited edition in Red Vinyl and are now changing hands for £60 each as valued in UK magazine "Record Collector".

Track Listing:

Diva 12" single

Side A
Diva (Scarlet Mix)

Side B
The Wiccaman
Her Heaven (Angelic Mix)

Diva Cassette Single

Side 1
Diva (Scarlet Mix)

Side 2
The Wiccaman
Arabian Heat

Line Up for these recordings:

Damien DeVille: Lead Guitar and drum machine programming

Louis DeWray: Vocals

Vlad Janicek: Bass Guitar
, keyboards and drum machine programming