NOSFERATU have grown to become one of the most commercially successful Second Wave Gothic Rock Bands Worldwide since their foundation by Damien DeVille in 1986.

They have sold well over 100,000 copies worldwide of their own Singles & Albums plus hundreds of thousands of songs on compilation albums since their first commercial release.

NOSFERATU have the credibility of being one of the few elite UK Gothic Rock bands to enjoy chart success both In The UK & Germany.

They have a vast Back Catalogue of independent releases including 11 albums :

9 albums released in the USA,

7 albums released in Germany,

6 albums released in the UK

1 album released in Russia & Ukraine,

8 singles released in the UK& 4 singles released in Germany

Individual songs appearing on 55 different compilation albums (released worldwide),

1 DVD (released in the UK),

A repertoire of over 100 Songs

Have played over 300 concerts in 15 countries since 1988 including Austria, Belgium, England, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Republic Of Ireland, Scotland, Spain & Wales.

From South London, Harrow and Northwood to the World's Stage

February 1986
Damien DeVille acquires his 1967 Vanden Plas Princess hearse and sets out to found gothic rock band NOSFERATU hooking up with friends from South London and the home counties to play various instruments. Provisional line ups are put together including Alan E. Tulley, Steven McCann, Dean Aslett, Gary E, ,Steven Broome and Hamish Mitchey.
June 1986

NOSFERATU rehearse in various studios in and around South London including 121 at Lombards Roundabout, Croydon, Downside Studios, Ruden Way, Epsom and in Mr DeVille's parents garage in Mitcham, South, London.


September 1986
2 concerts are played at a Scout hut on Sanderstead Hill with video footage captured on cine camera (soon to be released on youtube). Alan E. Tulley leaves NOSFERATU His position in the band as lead vocalist is briefly replaced by David Baron (one of Mr DeVille's school friends).

July 1987
Damien DeVille joins Brian Kennard's "Sister Midnight", based in Ruislip Middlesex. Other band members include Mark Meek (The Dreaming), Neil Bufton (The Big Bang and T Rexstacy), Darren Williams and Belle Star.

January 1988
Guitarist Damien DeVille (from London) leaves Ruislip based Glam Goth band "Sister Midnight".

March 1988
Damien DeVille is given the telephone number of Vlad Janicek (former keyboard player of Goth band "The Dreaming") by Sister Midnight keyboard player Mark. DeVille who is looking to further Hard-core Gothic Rock band NOSFERATU telephones Vlad (from Harrow, Middlesex) to arrange a meeting to discuss the project. Vlad brings along his girlfriend Sapphire Aurora (from Northwood, Middlesex & former vocalist for "The Dreaming"). The three agree to form a new band with Sapphire on Vocals, Damien on Guitar & Vlad on bass.This band will become known as "NOSFERATU".

October 1988
After several months of song-writing, keyboard programming by Vlad & drum-machine programming by Damien, NOSFERATU have enough songs to commence live performances. They rehearse in various studios across London & Middlesex and make their live debut on October 05th at The Rock Garden, Covent Garden, London.They are joined onstage by Mydey (who controls the tapes & keyboards) This concert is solely promoted by Damien & Vlad leafleting London Nightclubs such as Kit Kat, Badlands, Camden Electric Ballroom plus shops in Carnaby Street, Kensington Market & Hyper Hyper. 28 people turn up to see NOSFERATU play a set that is plagued by poor onstage sound, plenty of feedback from Damiens guitar and a finale when Sapphires Drink is kicked over the guitarist's effect pedals. Disgusted by The poor sound, DeVille smashed his recently acquired Gibson SG guitar onstage.

December 1988
NOSFERATU return to the live scene and play their 2nd concert, this time at "The Flag" in Wembley, London, supporting "King Called The Culprit" & Goth No-Hopers "Whiskey & The Devil". The event is promoted by Frank Drake of Flag Promotions (which is still very active and popular on The London Club Scene today). Despite a hostile welcome from the audience, NOSFERATU play through their entire 45 minute set, once again joined for the 2nd and last time by Mydey (again on tapes & keyboards). After the concert, Sapphire leaves the band for the 1st time.

January 1989
Sapphire rejoins the band in time for their 1st Demo Recording Session at 2nd Sense Studios in Harrow, Middlesex (owned & run by BBC Top Of The Pops 2 Sound Engineer Andy Hewitt). Three songs are recorded and mixed over a period of 3 days, "Bloodlust", " Pathway Of Flowers" & "Merlin".


February 1989
With the mixed demos in the can, NOSFERATU commence tape duplication and mail and hand-deliver demo cassettes to selected UK Indie Record Labels. Nick Jones of Karbon Records (who shares an office with Merciful Release at the time) is impressed with the band, but does not have the financial resources to allow them to be taken onboard his own label. Also, a licensing deal by The lead singer of 1960's band The Honeycombs is rejected by NOSFERATU Vlad points out that Flickknife Records have turned down NOSFERATU for being too Gothic, whilst Flicknife have a coffin for the main door to their office which in itself is a contradiction.

July 1989
After numerous song-writing sessions, photo-shoots & rehearsals, NOSFERATU take to the stage once more and play concerts at The Hastings Crypt (which is engineered by Alan "The Cat" Pelling (who started The Torture Garden Club), Wimbledon's William Morris Club & New Merlins Cave in Kings Cross, London. Their concert at The Kings Head in Fulham, London is cancelled as Vlad arrives too late to play. The band also embark on a night time trip to see Sir Francis Dashwoods Hellfire Club in West Wycombe, Bucks. Once again Sapphire leaves the band who then concentrate on their songwriting.

January 1990
With Sapphire rejoining the band, NOSFERATU return once again to Second Sense Studios in Harrow and record three new songs "Emma Louise", "Anaal Nathract" & "False Gods". Marjorie Macklenenberg, a representative for a Dutch Television company films one of the recording sessions which is later broadcast on Dutch television. New manager Victor Taylor signs NOSFERATU to his Agency and books several concerts for them.


March 1990
NOSFERATU embark on their last concerts with Sapphire Aurora which culminates in a Saturday Night Headline slot at The Prestigious "Fulham Greyhound", in Fulham, London.Vlad would play this concert with a 10 watt practice amp (kindly loaned to Mr DeVille by Carole Bohanan, President Of The Vampyre Society) as DeVille had recently blown Vlad's main amp by wiring live connections to earth.

April 1990
New Vocalist Gary Clarke "Incubus" joins NOSFERATU this month.

June 1990
Nightbreed Records release a compilation album "New Alternatives". It contains the NOSFERATU track "Bloodlust". The band's first outing on vinyl.


July 1990
NOSFERATU play numerous concerts in and around London including "Opera On The Green" in Shepherds Bush, "The Venue" in New Cross (supporting The Charlatans), Harlesden Mean Fiddler, The Moonlight Club in Hampstead, Islington Powerhaus & Brentford Red Lion (where they are joined by Felo De Se which is the embryonic "Children On Stun"). NOSFERATU's live following is accelerating quickly, aided by Vlad's Fanzine "Grimoire". Incubus is carried on stage at concerts in a coffin which was built for DeVille. Incubus also preaches from a Pulpit onstage (an elaborate concept by Vlad, later copied by Marilyn Manson some 10 years later). Vlad also designs and builds a 3 piece wooden backdrop fitted with a Goats skull which exhales smoke and allows NOSFERATU more props to liven up their onstage performances.

October 1990
NOSFERATU tour the UK for the first time together with Every New Dead Ghost.They take in 7concerts and play in Newcastle On Tyne, Leeds, Birmingham, Leicester, Nottingham, Bradford & London. At the end of the tour Incubus leaves the band.

March 1991
Damien DeVille and Vlad Janicek found Possession Records and a UK distribution deal with York based APT follows.

April 1991
After months of advertising & auditioning, NOSFERATU find a new vocalist, Louis DeWray who is based in Bordon, Hampshire. Louis is NOSFERATU's third singer.

May 1991
NOSFERATU inclusive of founder member Damien DeVille on guitar, enter the studio to record their Debut EP "The Hellhound". Consisting of 6 new songs, this is produced on cassette and 12" vinyl.


September 1991
The debut EP "Hellhound" is released and receiving an excellent review in The NME, sales accelerate and a second run of the vinyl is quickly pressed up and sells out immediately.This debut single is very kindly financed by Vlads mother.

December 1991
NOSFERATU play a 10 date UK tour to build the base for their next release. Support on most dates comes from Children On Stun They play in Hastings, Liverpool, Glasgow, Birmingham, Derby, Leeds, Cardiff, London & Leicester and are joined by Drummer Belle Star. Damien DeVilles 1967 Hearse is used as Tour Vehicle much to the amazement of The police, who give the band a road escort out of Derby after their concert !! NOSFERATU also team up with The SGC on their comeback London gig at The Camden Underworld which proves to be a sellout show! They run into Tony James (of Generation X, Sigue Sigue Sputnik & Sisters Of Mercy) backstage

January 1992
NOSFERATU record a wealth of new songs. Enough for their next single "Vampyres Cry" and its follow up "Diva". DeVille's boss Terence Morgan, MD of A.E.Morgan Publications, Epsom kindly agrees to finance NOSFERATU's 2nd Single "Vampyre's Cry". He will also finance the "Diva", "Inside The Devil" & "Savage Kiss" singles and lend the band a total of nearly £15,000. Without which, they may never have progressed to International Release's.

February 1992
NOSFERATU again with The SGC play at The New Cross Venue to an audience of over 800 people. They are joined on drums once again by Belle.

March 1992
NOSFERATU set off on a 10 date tour of The UK in Damien DeVille's Hearse to support the release of their new single "Vampyres Cry" (noticeably reviewed in Melody Maker and NME). NOSFERATU are contacted by a young journalist, Brian Warner (later to become known as Marilyn Manson) for a feature in the "Propaganda" Magazine which he edits. Hollywood journalist and fashion model Michelle Duncan is sent to Cardiff and interviews the band, which then receive a 5 page spread published in the magazine.


September 1992
NOSFERATU book themselves into "Dance Attic Studios" in Putney, South London to rehearse for The "Diva" Tour. Unbeknown to the band, the studio turns out to be a Rehearsal Studio for Ballet Dancers, Choreographers and the like. The Clientele are not impressed when the band arrive in DeVilles hearse, unload Vlad's PA System into the studio and play Loud "Kick Arse" Gothic Rock 10 feet away from snooty women in leotards eating salmon & cucumber sandwiches in the posh restaurant. NOSFERATU are even more surprised to see Richard Fairbrass (of Right Said Fred) peering into their rehearsal room when they are running through the "Diva Set". "Dance Attic" was at the time owned by Fred & Richard Fairbrass. After the rehearsal NOSFERATU were told that they would not be welcome rehearsing there anymore. Right Said Fred.........Let's ban NOSFERATU(sounds like a song)

October 1992
An additional 10 date UK tour is to support their new single "Diva". The first 500 copies are pressed in red vinyl and are so scarce and in demand that even the band cannot get hold of a copy . NOSFERATU receive their first known Radio One Airplay as DJ Steve Wright plays "Diva" on his Show plugging their tour dates. John Peel also plays the single on Radio One. The Exeter concert is moved from 17th to 10th October and the tour dates reworked as the venue double-booked The Cranberries and NOSFERATU on the same date.


December 1992
saw NOSFERATU gigging with Doctor and The Medics at Nottingham Rock City, playing to a capacity crowd. A meeting at Camden Underworld between NOSFERATU and Dave Roberts of SGC (acting as Los Angeles based Cleopatra Records A&R Man) is fruitful and NOSFERATU sign a licensing deal with Cleopatra Records for their debut album "Rise". Cleopatra were originally interested in a compilation of all of the singles, but as the debut album "Rise" was just about to be recorded, they decided to release this. (The original compilation album materialized into "Legend"). This deal is buoyed up by the 5 page feature in USA's "Propaganda" magazine.

Louis DeWray & Damien DeVille book the band into Vonns Studio in Islington, North London, but decide to visit House In The Woods Studio, Bletchingley to check out the facilities. They bump into 2 of The Manic Street Preachers who are using the studio for demos. So impressed with the studio, they cancel Vonns and book House In The Woods.

January 1993
NOSFERATU enter The House In The Woods Studio and record their debut album "Rise" with Doc Milton as Engineer & Elizabeth Everett who sings backing vocals on "Siren" "Alone" & "Inside The Devil". The album takes a little over 2 weeks to record & mix. Damien DeVille meets Stephan Thiemann and secures a distribution deal with EFA Medien GmBH of Germany.

April 1993
Supported by a 13 date UK Tour (taking in Brighton, Stoke On Trent, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Nottingham, Birmingham, Southend, Bristol, Cardiff, Southampton & London), the first of their recordings to enter the charts was the single "Inside The Devil", which reached Joint Number 131 (along with Duran Duran's "Ordinary World" and Metallica's "Sad But True") in The UKs National Gallup Chart in April 1993, which was a fantastic achievement for the band and for their own record label. Not many independent Record Labels manage to get into The National Top 200 UK Chart without major financial backing, let alone a single by a Gothic band! It was also the bands first release on compact disc. Louis DeWray leaves NOSFERATU He would later go on to form the band "Ditzy Micro".


May 1993
saw the complete full release in the UK, Germany & USA of NOSFERATU's debut album "Rise". Digitally mastered in Chris Birkett's (producer of "Nothing Compares To You" by Sinead O'Connor) studio in Kingston Upon Thames, it is a 12 track album and appears on vinyl, cassette and compact disc. This was to be the bands 1st official release in Germany with distribution by EFA, and in The USA via Los Angeles based Cleopatra Records with distribution by Caroline (who are really EMI/Virgin). To date this album has sold over 14,600 units worldwide and is NOSFERATU's best selling release yet. It is still selling now, although as download.


August 1993
NOSFERATU hold auditions for a replacement vocalist in Survival Studios, Acton, London.
Both Niall Murphy & Dominic LaVey are short-listed, with Niall Murphy (from West Drayton, Middlesex) taking the role as new NOSFERATU Lead Singer.

September 1993
NOSFERATU enter their favourite Surrey Haunt "The House In The Woods Studio" and record "Savage Kiss", "Time Of Legends" & "The Keepers Call" for the forthcoming single "Savage Kiss". They are joined by Joby Talbot on Saxophone, who later joins The Divine Comedy and composes the theme tunes for UK Television shows "Father Ted" & "The League Of Gentlemen".

October 1993
Halloween saw NOSFERATU playing overseas at a successful 2 night stint at "The Gibus" in Paris. The trip nearly ends in disaster on the return journey as the clutch on DeVille's hearse gives up the ghost on a Paris motorway on a Sunday.

November 1993
Aided by an 11 Date UK Tour (taking in Newcastle, Nottingham, Leicester, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Birmingham, Exeter, Cardiff, Southampton & London), the single "Savage Kiss" reaches Number 16 in The UK Independent Chart in December 1993. It was the bands highest chart position to date.
Niall Murphy & Damien DeVille run into Screaming Lord Sutch who is staying at the same hotel as the band in Birmingham. Telephone numbers and business cards are exchanged, but sadly nothing comes from their meeting.


January 1994
Cleopatra Records release a compilation of NOSFERATU's early Recordings as an album titled "Legend".


February 1994
saw NOSFERATU performing more overseas concerts in Belgium and Holland.

May 1994
A six date tour of Germany is played taking in Hamburg, Berlin, Leipzig, Ulm, Munich and Heidelberg. The Leipzig was the largest concert NOSFERATU had played at the time. NOSFERATU Headline this 3 day festival (with The Cocteau Twins and The Cranes headlining the other 2 nights) and playing to an audience of over 3,000 people per gig.

August 1994
NOSFERATU return to "The House In The Woods Studio" in Bletchingley, Surrey and record their 2nd Studio album "The Prophecy", again with Doc "Octopus" Milton (former guitarist of Alien Sex Fiend) as Engineer & Co-Producer. The album takes 2 weeks to record and mix.The song "Savage Kiss" is re-recorded with the manic guitar solo moving place in the song as well as Niall Murphy's vocals being reworked 3 extra songs are recorded, "Sucker For Love" (which only appears on The US Pressings of the CD, "I Love The Dead" ( a fantastic Alice Cooper Cover version which has never been released) & "The Chauffeur" (which was never completed and now lies on a Big Country Reel of tape as they booked the studio immediately afterwards and the studio had no spare tape).

October 1994
NOSFERATU's second studio album "The Prophecy" is Digitally Mastered at Youth's (of Killing Joke's) Butterfly Studios in Brixton, South London. Nik Fiend of ASF makes an impromptu and unexpected appearance at the studio when NOSFERATU are mastering.

November 1994
Their second studio album "The Prophecy" reaches Number 14 in The UK Independent Chart. This, their highest chart position yet, was achieved even though the 11 Date Prophecy Tour was cancelled by Vlad (due to internal band politics) after only 2 shows. If the tour had continued, the album would have most certainly gone into the Independent Top Ten. Their opening track "Requiem" was also played on Radio One for five successive evenings. Niall Murphy leave NOSFERATU, closely followed by Vlad Janicek. Vlad sets up a band called Shadowmaker (named after a song from The Prophecy albums). This band was known in the industry as both Shedmaker and Shakermaker.


March 1995
sees Damien DeVille (Lead Guitarist) as the only founder member in the band. Possession Records is dissolved. Vocalist Dominic LaVey from Belfast and Ex Return To Khafji Vocalist joins this month. Songwriting commences for the next album.

May 1995
Bass Guitarist Dante Savarelle from Liverpool joins the band.

July 1995
Damien DeVille founds a new record label, Hades Records. The band enter into the depths of The House in The Woods studio to record their next single, "The Haunting" (once again engineered & co-produced by Doc "Octopus" Milton) is released in Germany and in The UK in October. The single goes on to sell well and pave the way for the next album. Dante Savarelle is mocked by DeVille & LaVey as he appears on British Television as The Bass Player in Mike Dixon's band on "Brookside" ( a UK "Soap" Television show).


August 1995
NOSFERATU set out on a 7 date UK tour which culminates in them headlining The Marquee. This is the 4th time the band headline The Marquee and play once again to a capacity crowd of 800.

October 1995
NOSFERATU return to the Gibus in Paris to play another Halloween concert (despite being stopped at Gard Du Nord Railway Station at Gunpoint by French Police, who do not like the look of the band).The show is filmed for French television and appears on the US video for "The Haunting", superimposed with footage taken from the original 1922 film "NOSFERATU".

February 1996
"Prince Of Darkness" (named after the Hammer film "Dracula Prince Of Darkness") is recorded, once again at House In The Woods Studio with The Good "Doc" Milton Engineering & Co-Producing.

April 1996
Mixing of the album "Prince Of Darkness" is completed at House In The Woods Studio Bletchingley and Mastered by Andy LeVien at RMS Studios in South Norwood, London.

June 1996
Damien DeVille and Doc Milton re mix the track "Testify" for The Damned Re-Mix album "Testify" in between viewing The Euro 96 England versus Germany football match. Or was it the other way round? DeVille lays some guitar tracks down on the Remix. He is now proud to say "I played guitar on a song by The Damned". One lifetime ambition accomplished.


July 1996
A six date UK tour promotes the sales of the "Prince of Darkness" album which is released at the very end of August. It reaches Number 2 in the German independent charts


October 1996
NOSFERATU are about to tour Germany again when the promoter is forced out of business. Disheartened, the band retreat and make plans for their next album.

November 1996
NOSFERATU are asked to record The Cure's song "100 Years" for a Cure Tribute album titled "100 Tears". They then travel to Bruges, Belgium to headline an All-Day Festival and play to over 600 people (supported by Inkubus Sukkubus, Goethes Erben and more).


January 1997
sees NOSFERATU playing Dublin for the first time to a capacity crowd at The Tower club. It is worth noting that no other Gothic band has achieved this feat yet.

February 1997
NOSFERATU headline an All Day Festival at Nottingham's Rock City.

March 1997
Damien DeVille meets Rat Scabies at "The Arch" Studio in Kew, London to discuss drumming on the new NOSFERATU album "Lord Of The Flies".

May 1997

Dante Savarelle resigns from the band citing that "DeVille & LaVey are impossible to work with"

August/September 1997
NOSFERATU record and mix the "Lord Of The Flies" album. Doc Milton (long time NOSFERATU Studio engineer/CO-Producer) plays bass guitar on the album, whilst Rat Scabies plays drums on 3 memorable songs.

February 1998
sees NOSFERATU's fifth album (fourth studio album) "Lord Of The Flies" being released in the USA.


April 1998
A short UK tour promotes the UK Release of the album "Lord Of The Flies". They are joined by bass guitarist Stefan Diablo (age unknown, from Lee, South London). "Lord Of The Flies"album is also released in Germany this month.

October 1998
NOSFERATU are asked to record their interpretation of The David Bowie song "Starman" for use on a Tribute album to David Bowie, alongside The Mission, Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Alien Sex Fiend & Gene Loves Jezebel.


December 1998
New songs for the album "ReVamped" are recorded at The House In The Woods Studio, Bletchingley, Surrey. Rat Scabies drums and Stefan Diablo plays bass on some of the songs.


Jan/Feb 1999
NOSFERATU edit and remix tracks for The "Revamped" ReMix album at House In The Woods Studio. Their favourite engineer & CO-Producer"Doc Milton" is at the helm. DeVille's PlayStation cohorts Jason Page & Deniz Ahmet both remix tracks for this album.

May 1999
NOSFERATU headline the Haus Leipzig venue (part of the Wave Gothik Treffen Festival) in Germany and play to a capacity crowd of 2,500 people. They are supported by UK based "Inertia" and the French band "L'Aime Immortelle".

July 1999
They cover the song "People Are Strange" for the Doors Tribute Album, which is released by Cleopatra Records Worldwide in February 2000.

September 1999
NOSFERATU are asked by US based Dancing Ferret Discs Label to pen a song to be used in conjunction with the "Vampyre: The Masquerade" role playing game. They write, record, and mix the song "The Night is Young" in one evening. It is released on the "Music for the Succubus Club" album in December 1999.


Oct./Nov. 1999
Work on the new NOSFERATU live album "Reflections Through a Darker Glass" is started in October and completed in November. The track "Ascension," which features Rat Scabies on drums, appears on the new Cleopatra Records compilation album entitled "Gothic Maladies".


January 2000
"The Night Is Young" a song written especially for the compilation album "Songs from the Succubus Club" is released. A new song "Lucifer Rising" the mooted title track for the next studio album is demoed.

February 2000
NOSFERATU's cover version of "People Are Strange" is released by Cleopatra Records on the album "Darken My Fire", a collection of Doors songs .Some people may notice the sound of a lawn mower on the recording which was added for that extra zest, or so the band say.


March 2000
NOSFERATU release their first live album "Reflections Through A Darker Glass"in USA & Canada. It contains recordings spreading from 1991 to 1999 and covers concerts in Germany, France and Belgium as well as the UK.


May 2000
NOSFERATU's moody instrumental track "Eye Of The Watcher" is released by Cleopatra Records and appears as the first song on the album "Vampire Rituals"


July 2000
"The Haunting" appears on the "Dark Noise" compilation album and the video to "The Haunting" appears on DVD for the first time on the Cleopatra Records "Goth Box" collection.


February 2001
Once again NOSFERATU's cover version of The Doors "People Are Strange" appears on a CD. This time it surfaces on the "Covered In Goth" album.

April/May 2001
NOSFERATU rework their song "The Night Is Young" and re-record "Lucifer Rising", this time with the addition of Rat Scabies on drums. Both of these songs are to be released on the album "The Best Of NOSFERATU: Volume 1 The Hades Years". Both of these songs will be the first recordings from Rat Scabies "G.A.F." to be released using State Of The Art Technology.

October 2001
The new NOSFERATU album "The Best Of NOSFERATU: Volume 1 The Hades Years" is mastered at John Sykes (Guitarist for Whitesnake) Berlin Studios in Blackpool. It contains 10 songs and 1 video.

December 2001

Philadelphia based Dancing Ferret Discs release the new NOSFERATU album "The Best Of NOSFERATU: Volume 1: The Hades Years" in the USA & Canada.

February 2002
NOSFERATU return to the UK Stage playing concerts at Nottingham Rock City, Leeds Joseph's Well & London Camden Underworld. They are joined by session drummer Matt Cherry who takes their Live Outfit up to a 4 piece. A riotous set is played at all 3 concerts with Stefan Diablo demolishing one bass guitar during each show. For the finale of the Sold-Out London show, during their last song "Darkness Brings", Stefan Diablo smashes his bass guitar to smithereens and hands out parts of it to an unsuspecting audience. At the very end of the set, Damien DeVille also smashes one of his guitars, but in true "let's not do anything by half style" leaves the guitar plugged in and receives a mighty electric shock when the guitar disintegrates. Dominic LaVey collapses onstage at the end of what will be his final performance for NOSFERATU

Monday February 11th, the new NOSFERATU album "The Best Of NOSFERATU: Volume 1: The Hades Years" is released in the UK with distribution from Shellshock & Pinnacle.


July 2002
Having agreed to play The Mera Luna Festival in Hildesheim, Germany as his final show for NOSFERATU, Dominic LaVey changes his mind at the last minute, decides not to appear at the concert and leaves the band in a desperate attempt to recruit a singer for the massive festival.They are fortunate enough to find help from former Iron Heart Vocalist Christian Slaughter (from Berkshire) who learnt the whole NOSFERATU Set in less than a week, which is in itself a remarkable achievement.

Whilst rehearsing at Stanbridge Farm Studios in Handcross, West Sussex, NOSFERATU are surprised and delighted that The Sex Pistols are rehearsing for the Jubilee 25th Anniversary Concert in the barn next door. NOSFERATU down their instruments and enjoy a fantastic hours enjoyment listening to The Sex Pistols rehearse "God Save The Queen", "Anarchy In The UK", "Holidays In The Sun", "Pretty Vacant", "Bodies", "Substitute", "Did You No Wrong" and more. Not many bands can say they have heard the Pistols rehearse, let alone a "free concert".

August 2002
With only three 6 hour rehearsals with Christian Slaughter, NOSFERATU play at The Mera Luna Festival in Hildesheim, Germany to 6,000 people.

January 2003
NOSFERATU commence re-working demos with Christian Slaughter but are informed by their licensor that they must find a more suitable singer if they wish to continue with their Recording Contract. Sadly Christian Slaughter departs the band which now comprises of Damien DeVille & Stefan Diablo. The search is now on for suitable vocalist.

August 2003
Damien DeVille meets up with Former NOSFERATU Vocalist & Lyricist Louis DeWray at Mr DeWray's Residential Recording Studio in Hampshire, with a view to them recording the new album. This would be the 1st time in over 10 years that they have met up.

October 2003
NOSFERATU converge on The Recording Studio for the 1st major rehearsal with Louis DeWray back on vocals, Damien DeVille on guitar, Stefan Diablo on bass & J.J.Bones on drums. They all formally agree to record a New NOSFERATU album with Mr DeWray at the helm as Producer. More songs are demoed with the band due to commence recording early 2004. A Major photoshoot of the new line up is scheduled for late 2003.

December 2003
Once again NOSFERATU enter the studio to complete their photoshoot and work on recording songs for their new album.

February 2004
NOSFERATU return to the recording studio and record another 3 songs for their forthcoming album.

May 2004
NOSFERATU play concerts at Magazin 4 Club in Belgium and headline the Vampiricon Festival in Duisberg Germany, where they are supported by After Forever. These concerts are the first ones with the current lineup. It is also the first time that Mr DeWray & Mr DeVille have appeared together on the same stage since May 1993.

July 2004
NOSFERATU play their first London show with Louis DeWray back on vocals at The Camden Underworld. They are supported by The Last Rites, & Ghost Of Lemora. Both Louis & Damien approach The Wright Brothers (from The Last Rites) and suggest that they headline the show as they were fundamental members of Fields Of The Nephilim. Nod & his brother refuse the headline slot and press for NOSFERATU to headline. Both Louis Dewray & Damien DeVille reluctantly accept their offer and headline the show, which in their eyes turns out to be one of the best NOSFERATU concerts ever !!. Fortunately enough, it has been videoed and may well end up on a future NOSFERATU DVD.

November & December 2004
NOSFERATU write and record more songs for their forthcoming album

February 2005
J.J.Bones is sent to prison in Armley Jail, Leeds.

March 2005
NOSFERATU ask Eddie McEvil to drum on the Song "Somebody Put Something In My Drink" as J.J.Bones is obviously not available. This single is re-recorded and mixed and will be NOSFERATU's 1st CD Single Release for 10 years

April 2005
Due to other engagements, Stefan Diablo is unable to play on all dates of the June 2005 NOSFERATU Tour so new bass guitarist "Six" joins the band. Rehearsals commence at Earth Terminal Studios.

May 2005
NOSFERATU have more intensive rehearsals for their June 2005 Concerts

June 2005
NOSFERATU play UK Shows in Kingston On Thames, Islington & Exeter to support the release of their latest single, a cover of The Ramones "Somebody Put Something in My Drink"

July 2005
The New NOSFERATU single "Somebody Put Something In My Drink" is released on Monday 04th July.


August 2005
More songs for the forthcoming album are worked on in the studio.

October 2005
On the 20th October, Mr DeVille's friend, the beautiful Eileen Daly visits Mr DeWrays Recording Studio in Hampshire. Eileen lays down some backing vocals on the song "Bombers". NOSFERATU are interviewed and filmed for Eileen's New Television Series "Peek A Boo" which is being shown on Sky TV.

Damien DeVille arranges licensing terms and distribution with Pandaemonium Records, Stuttgart, Germany for "The Best Of NOSFERATU:Vol. 1", "Lord Of The Flies", "Prince Of Darkness" albums & "Somebody Put Something In My Drink" CD Single

Damien DeVille also finalises distribution agreements with Masterpiece Distribution of Genoa, Italy who will be distributing "Visionary Vampyres" DVD, "Somebody Put Something In My Drink" CD Single, "Best Of NOSFERATU: Vol1", "Lord Of The Flies" & "Prince Of Darkness" albums as well as the new studio album.

NOSFERATU confirm a short Tour of Mexico in March 2006 which will take in Mexico City, Morelia, Guadalajara, San Luis Potosi, Chihuahua & Monterrey.

NOSFERATU change the working title of the New Studio Album to "The Long Lost Weekend". The band had to change the title after the threat of legal action from Axl Rose Atorneys.

November 2005
All stock of The "Visionary Vampyres" Ltd Edition DVD Boxed Set as well as the last pressings of The "Prince Of Darkness" CD Album sell out. No further copies will be made.


December 2005
Both Louis & Damien have interviews published in Mick Mercers Online Fanzine "The Mick".Anyone interested in viewing or downloading a copy should go to

NOSFERATU play their first Italian concert at The Rainbow in Italy supporting Combi Christ

February 2006
In order to pav the way for the New NOSFERATU Studio album "The Long Lost Weekend", NOSFERATU decide to issue an album of early recordings entitled "Vampyres, Witches, Devils & Ghouls.............The Very Best Of NOSFERATU". It is released in the USA on Tuesday 21st February.

Initially this album was to be titled "The Best Of NOSFERATU Volume 2: The Possession Years" but was re-titled at the request of The US Licensee.


NOSFERATU introduce their New Keyboard Player Chrys Columbine

"Chrys" takes NOSFERATU up to a 5 piece band and is the 1st dedicated keyboard player the band have ever had.

NOSFERATU's feature on Eileen Daly's "Peek A Boo Show" on Redemption TV, (Sky Channel 368 from 10pm to 2.30am) Their episode has been aired a wonderful 20 times !

March 2006
NOSFERATU start a competition to win one of Damien DeVille's guitars, autographed by all 5 members of the band. The objective here being that new NOSFERATU t-shirts are designed for the band by their fans.

May 2006
NOSFERATU play concerts in Valencia, Spain (Excession Festival), Dornbirn, Austria (Judgement Day Festival), and a club gig in Athens, Greece

The first tranch of NOSFERATU albums & singles are released as MP3 downloads through the IODA network online. This takes NOSFERATU's distribution mainstream and into such online shops as i-Tunes, Amazon,, Shock Hound, Nokia and Sky.

The NOSFERATU"Anthology" Album, a 2 CD retrospective album) is released in Germany, Austria & Switzerland on Friday 26th May 2006 under licence to Pandaemonium Records of Stuttgart.


June 2006
NOSFERATU play on The Main Stage (Agra Halle) at Wave Gothik Treffen, Leipzig, Germany on Sunday 04th over 6,000 people.This concert was the first to feature a full 6 person lineup.

July 2006
NOSFERATU's"Anthology" album is released in the Ukraine. This is the first time that a NOSFERATU album has been released in this territory.

September 2006

NOSFERATU are announced as the headline band for The 1st State of Goth Festival in Bochum, Germany on Friday 24th November 2006.

October 2006
NOSFERATU have their song "Wicker Man" included on a new compilation album by Cleopatra Records of Los Angeles titled: "This Is Gothic...The Batcave Anthology"


November 2006
NOSFERATU now have the following deals in place, all arranged by Damien DeVille:

Cleopatra Records: Non exclusive licenses for USA & Canadian Territories

Pandaimonium Records: Exclusive license for "Anthology" album for German, Austrian & Swiss territories

Gravitator Records: Exclusive license for "Anthology" album for Russian, Ukrainian& CIS territories.

Masterpiece Distribution: Exclusive Distribution for Italy

Shellshock Distribution: Exclusive distribution for The UK for physical product & Non-exclusive online distribution via a number of E_tailers including:I-Tunes, Napster, Sony Connect & MSN plus others

February 2007
NOSFERATU record their next Single "Black Hole" at Earth Terminal Studios.
This Single will be released as a Limited Edition CD in a Metal Tin & as a download. The three songs which will appear on the Single as a taster for the New NOSFERATU Album will be "Black Hole", "Bombers" & "I Don't Wanna Live This Life".

All stock of NOSFERATU vinyl, which is becoming increasingly collectable has sold out!. Recently a copy of The 1992 NOSFERATU 12" single "Diva" in red Vinyl realised £ 125 on the Internet Auction Site EBay, whilst a copy of the 1993 CD Single "Inside The Devil" realised £ 67.

August 2007
NOSFERATU play The Mera Luna Festival, Hildesheim, Germany supporting Tool on The Hangar Stage.

October 2007
NOSFERATU play a Special Halloween show in Basingstoke Hampshire alongside Voices of Masada and The Ghost of Lemora.

June 2009
NOSFERATU perform at Wave Gothic Treffen Festival in Leipzig, Germany on The Parke Buhne Stage. This is the 4th time that NOSFERATU have played at Wave Gothic Treffen Festival and the first time that they have played an open air concert.

January 2010
European Tour Dates and release date for the Single Black Hole are announced.

April 2010
New NOSFERATU single "Black Hole" is released on Monday 12th April. It reaches Number 6 in the Amazon UK CD Single chart on Saturday 17th April.


NOSFERATU play concerts at Southampton Joiners, Nottingham Rock City & Whitby - The Other Side Festival with Stefan Diablo making a welcome return to bass guitar duties. The next single "Horror Holiday" is played at all shows along with new songs "Silver", "Black Hole", Baby Blue" & "Bombers"

The NOSFERATU single "Black Hole" appears on the cover CD of German magazine "Gothic"

May 2010
A remix of the NOSFERATU Single "Black Hole" entitled "Black Hole (Cathedral Mix)" is released on the German Album "Darkness Before Dawn Volume 2"-
This is the 46th commercially released compilation album that NOSFERATU has appeared on.


June 2010
NOSFERATU's concerts at The DaDa Club in Athens are rescheduled

NOSFERATU play at The Lumous Festival in Tampere, Finland.

NOSFERATU are confirmed a slot at the Pray Silence Festival in Lisbon, Portugal in August 2011.

July 2010
NOSFERATU play at The Waregem Gothic Festival in Belgium. The following day they play DV8 Festival in York and join Ed Tudor Pole onstage for a rendition of his hit single "Swords Of 1,000 Men"

November 2010
NOSFERATU announce the official UK release date for their new studio album "Wonderland"

January 2011
The tracklisting of the "WONDERLAND" album is complete and NOSFERATU confirm this to be : Horror Holiday, Entwined, Black Hole, Wonderland, Jackal, Bombers, Silver, Somebody Put Something In My Drink, Monument and Spectre.

March 2011
NOSFERATU's"WONDERLAND" album is released in the UK, Italy & Germany.


June 2011
NOSFERATU play at the Agra Halle Main Stage at Wave Gothic Treffen Festival in Leipzig, GERMANY in front of a 6,000 strong audience."Darkness Brings" appears on the Strobelight Records compilation album "Another Gift From Goth".


July 2011
NOSFERATU perform at DV8 Festival in York and Castle Party Festival in Wraslaw, Poland. NOSFERATU's cover version of The Ramones "Somebody Put Something In My Drink" appears on the Castle Party compilation album in Poland.


October 2011
NOSFERATU commence work on their next studio album

November 2011
NOSFERATU play their first London concert for six years at Nambucca.

May 2012
The Dark Gathering Festival in Madrid, SPAIN with Jacquy Bitch and Soror Dolorosa.

June 2012
NOSFERATU play at Spiders Web Festival in Bristol

September 2012
NOSFERATU play at The Nocturnal Culture Night Festival in Deutzen, Germany to 900 people.

November 2012
More songs are demoed for the new NOSFERATU studio album.

December 2012
More concerts are negotiated for 2013 to celebrate NOSFERATU's 25th Anniversary at the front-line of Gothic Rock.

August 2013
NOSFERATU enter the studio W/C Monday 19th August and work on more songs for their new studio album.

October 2013
NOSFERATU confirm appearances at Dark Munich Festival, GERMANY in April 2014.

December 2013
NOSFERATU confirm appearances at Sacrosanct Festival, Reading in September 2014 and at The Bram Stoker Film Festival, Whitby in October 2014.

September 2014
NOSFERATU perform at Sacrosanct Festival for the first time since 1995.

October 2014
NOSFERATU perform at The Bram Stoker International Film Festival in Whitby, England.

December 2014
Louis DeWray's position as NOSFERATU vocalist is terminated. Tim Vic and Gonzo take over from Louis DeWray as NOSFERATU vocalists.

February 2015
NOSFERATU are gear up for the Wave Gothic Treffen Festival, Leipzig, GERMANY on Friday 22nd May 2015
with new vocalists Tim Vic and Gonzo following Louis DeWray's departure from the band in December 2014.

March 2015
NOSFERATU have a full page feature in the summer issue of German magazine "Gothic" which has been distributed to over 35,000 readers. Extra copies of this issue were printed due to the articles on Marilyn Manson and The Prodigy.


May 2015
NOSFERATU perform a headline slot to a 1,600 capacity crowd at Wave Gothic Treffen Festival, Felsen Keller, Leipzig, GERMANY with new vocalists Tim Vic and Gonzo following Louis DeWray's departure from the band in 2014.

July 2015
NOSFERATU have an article published in the July issue of German magazine "Sonic Seducer".


August 2015
More songs for the imminent NOSFERATU releases are demoed in GERMANY. Secret club gigs are performed in Germany to test the new songs out.

October 2015
Further NOSFERATU songs are demoed. 3 previous NOSFERATU albums are sent for pressing on vinyl.
Each has a gatefold sleeve. One release is in blood coloured vinyl, one in snow coloured vinyl and one in clear blue vinyl. These vinyl albums will be available in April 2016 in very limited quantities by mail order only from NOSFERATU's Austrian distributor.

January 2016
NOSFERATU confirm the first of their 2016 festival appearances. Amphi Fest in Cologne, GERMANY.


February 2016
NOSFERATU commence recording their sixth studio album at John Sykes "Berlin Studios". The working title for this release is "Grail Hunting".

April 2016
NOSFERATU record more new songs in GERMANY.

Copies of the covert limited edition, gatefold sleeved, coloured vinyl albums are distributed to members of the NOSFERATU Secret Society.

June 2016
NOSFERATU announce the release of their forthcoming single "London Calling / Within The Realm of A Dying Sun" on limited edition vinyl CD and download. Click sleeve below for further details.


July 2016
NOSFERATU headlined the 1,000 capacity Orbit Stage on the MS Rheinenergie on the River Rhein, GERMANY
as part of the Amphi Fest on 23rd July 2016. Special thanks to all who attended and made this an extremely enjoyable event.
An extremely positive (10 out of 10) review of NOSFERATU's performance at Amphi Festival can be read in Reflections of Darkness Magazine





August 2016

NOSFERATU play more European shows in fall 2016 to support the release of their latest single:

"London Calling / Within The Realm of A Dying Sun" available soon on:
Limited Edition CD Single (DFRCDS010),
Limited Edition 7" coloured vinyl (DFRV010) and
Download (DFRDL010).

Click sleeve below for further details.


September 2016

Simon Milton, we miss you mate.


November 2016
More songs are demoed for the forthcoming album "Grail Hunting".

January 2017
Further studio dates for February 2017 are confirmed for NOSFERATU's new album "Grail Hunting". NOSFERATU's agent is in the final stages of finalsing a landmark concert.

March 2017
Big thanks to Berliner Unterwelten for the subterranean subterfuge. We must do it again.


May 2017

have been in a studio somewhere in the western hemisphere recording songs for their 6th studio album "Grail Hunting".


Tim Vic, Stefan Diablo, Damien DeVille and Belle Star recording the new NOSFERATU album "Grail Hunting".
nosferatu_singer_tim_vic_nosferatu_gothic_rock_band nosferatu_gothic_rock_band_stefan_diablo

Messrs Star and Diablo keeping a watchful eye on the recording.
nosferatu_drummer_belle_star_nosferatu_gothic_rock_band stefan_diablo_nosferatu_gothic_rock_band

NOSFERATU have received delivery of the "London Calling/Within The Realm" CD singles, T-shirts and postcards.


August 2017


November 2017
NOSFERATU commence mix down of songs from their forthcoming album "Grail Hunting".

December 2017
More s ongs are mixed from the forthcoming NOSFERATU studio album "Grail Hunting"

May 2018
Mr Stefan Diablo decided that after 20 years of recording and gigging with NOSFERATU he will now focus primarily on his work within The Neville Staples Band. We wish him and the band the very best of luck and continued success.


June 2018
Our friend Tom steps into the position of NOSFERATU bass guitarist. Some of you will have met Tom. before when he played bass guitar at several NOSFERATU European shows in 2016, 2017 and 2018. It's good to have you onboard buddy. Onwards and upwards.


October 2018
Berlin here we come!


December 2018
Tickets are available now from for our London Show at The 100 Club with our friends "Children on Stun".
Please note that this show is advance tickets only and none will be available on the door on the night. #nosferatuband


January 2019
NOSFERATU will be performing at Leeds Library Lending Room on Saturday 16th March 2019 with Children on Stun and Momento Mori. Further concerts will be announced soon.

March 2019
NOSFERATU are very much looking forward to meeting you at the Leeds and London concerts next week. More concerts will be announced shortly.

April 2019
NOSFERATU would like to thank everyone who attended our recent concerts in Leeds and London. It was the largest crowd we have ever played to in Leeds in our 31 year history and the 100 Club in London was nearly sold out. Thanks a million!! Stay tuned for our imminent announcement of more concerts and the long awaited release of "London Calling."

June 2019

NOSFERATU commence printing new t shirts for the tour with the circular logo (below) on the front and tour dates on the reverse. London Calling T Shirts are also being printed again with the German tour dates on the reverse.

September 2019
NOSFERATU will be playing at Castle Party Festival, Bolkow, POLAND in July 2020. Visit for further information and to buy tickets.


October 2019
NOSFERATU have confirmed that they will return to The 100 Club in London. Belle Star will be drumming the main set & DJing and Punk Rock Icon Rat Scabies will sit on the drum stool for a number of Punk Rock Covers. End of Green will be the main support act and the third band will be confirmed. Details on the Buy Tickets page.


NOSFERATU have confirmed a concert at LKA Longhorn, Stuttgart, GERMANY. Details on the Buy Tickets page.



November 2019
NOSFERATU would like to thank everyone that came to their concerts in Mannheim and Esslingen, Germany. Extra spexial thanks to End of Green for giving NOSFERATU the opportunity of playing Mannheim with them. Thanks also to Wisborg for playing the Esslingen show which was recorded and is now being editted ready for a special release.



A few photos from Mannheim are below and more will follow soon.


January 2020
would like to thank the 1,100 strong audience who turned out to see them support End of Green at LKA Longhorn, Stuttgart, GERMANY on Saturday 18th January 2020. WE LOVE YOU!!!

Further photos from this concert can be viewed at and at




April 2022
NOSFERATU returned to the stage and played their first post-pandemic concert at Dark Malta Festival 2022.

















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