"The Best Of Nosferatu: Volume 1 The Hades Years"

Lyrics © Dominic LaVey 1999 & 2000


We move in silhouette
Loved in candlelight
Canít you feel the night is young
Come Dance With The Ghost
Step in through my door
Donít you know the night is young
In the city lights
A pale reflectionís calling
How we love the night so young

Hanging from horizons eyes
See the faces crystalline
Trace your foot steps, follow through
Down on the ground and kiss those black lips
Back upon you, waiting on
Sound of heartbeats, breathingís drawn
Tasting your temptation
My dark embraces revelation

Up above the skyline hightime
Look across the evenings cries
So many empty hearts just wasting
Time they donít have left to kill
The moonlight guides the darkness near
To a place where desire waits
In cold anticipation
The Devil lays down your salvation



Dye your soul with my blood
Oh Iím in your mind
Inside your shattered thoughts of sorrow
Oh donít leave your life behind
Thereís nothing left behind your eyes
Throw back the doors, let me inside
And come tomorrow Iíll turn tonight

Come alive in my blood
Oh I bleed for you
The shadows fall upon your mirror
Oh donít hide the world from view
We fall into a secret grace
That lies beyond a sacred place
And dawn tomorrow Iíll burn tonight

I see Lucifer Rising, Within your soul
Lucifer Rising, I hear the call
Lucifer Rising, Within your blood
Lucifer Rising, my love

We are the light in darkness
We are the cries of the howling wind
Iím the giver of a tainted mercy
Iím the bringer of eternal life
Youíre the angel on bended knees
Take my love, give to me
Your kisses and I promise Iíll be with you again



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