Tim Vic: NOSFERATU Singer Profile


Instrument: Voice, Bass Guitar, Guitar
Length of time in NOSFERATU: Aeons
Equipment Used:
Myself together with what is available
6 Foot 1/2 inch
Previous Bands:
The Hearse, Van Thomas
Favourite Bands (Acts):
Too many to mention
Favourite Album:
Let's turn this into the first ones I bought...quite a while ago....The Damned "Machine Gun Etiquette" + Duran Duran "Duran Duran (debut)"
Favourite Song:
Darkness Brings
Favourite Films:
Star Wars without Jar Jar Binks plus many others funny, spooky, deep and thrilling ones
Favourite Drink:
Right now I’m having a Ginger beer – like it!
Most Fanciable Lady:
First Gothic Concert Attended:
Alien Sex Fiend
Donkeys, bats, black cats, owls, crows and people who like them, too
Most news reports, speeches
Best Concert Attended:

Usually I bought a shirt when I liked a concert – cupboard is full

Anything Else to add ??

Believe in the impossible! #nosferatuband